The List

The List is a gift registry service that we established to take the guesswork out of the practice of gifting- to make sure people receive gifts they will actually love. So if someone is getting married, celebrating a big birthday or some other important milestone, family and friends may want to mark the occasion with a special gift. The List offers them the possibility to do that with the confidence that their choices will be cherished by the celebrant.

The List works in 5 simple steps:

STEP 1 – Register and set up your List
Registering is free and easy – simply contact us here or pop into one of our stores. Following your registration, you will meet a consultant for a free consultation on how the list works.

STEP 2 – Let your guests know
You can choose to inform your guests using our free cards inserts with your event invitations or send us a mailing list and we’ll inform them for you. Our elegant cards will feature everything that your guests will need to know about buying you a gift. You could also simply print your unique gift list number on your invitations.

Your guests can buy gifts in any one of our stores, adding their personalised messages.

STEP 3 – Manage your List
You can make changes to your List at any time before or even after your List has opened. Edit your List in store, or let us know as soon as you can and we’ll remove and organise substitute items.

STEP 4 – Receive your gifts
Once you’ve finished compiling your List, it’s simply a matter of sitting back and waiting for your goodies to be chosen by your friends and family.

We’ll deliver your gifts free, at a time convenient to you – simply speak to us to agree a date.

STEP 5 – Thank your guests
We’ll give you a list of who bought what so you can make sure you thank the right person for the right gift.