Product Feature – Cactus Hors d’oeuvres Set

The French word Hor d’oeuvres is translated in English to literarily mean little snack foods served before or outside of the main dishes of a meal. So typically Hor d’oeuvre, the first course food item served before the main courses of a meal are smaller than main dishes, and often meant to be eaten by hand with minimal use of cutlery.

Cactus Hors douevres

Cactus Hors d’oeuvres Set by Marta Sansoni for Alessi

The Cactus Hors d’oeuvre Divided Serving Dish, designed by Marta Sansoni, for Alessi, is perfect for every host. The set, with four glass dividing compartments, is an ideal entertaining necessity for the home. In a nice 18/10 stainless steel, with edge decorated by laser cutting, this set is perfect for a variety of your favorite appetizers, which in Nigeria could be anything ranging from garden egg to peanuts to groundnuts et al. The unique design and separated sections makes this tray very appealing and one of a kind!