Making a House your Home

A home should not simply be a collection of furniture, or a stage set reflecting the pages of a magazine spread or latest trends. It should reflect who we are – a backdrop to the rich tapestry of our lives and everyday rituals.  Following are 5 pointers on how to work towards making a house a home:

Develop your own signature style. Create layers of interest by varying colours and textures of walls, furniture, soft furnishing, artwork, and elements of nature such as flowers.

Create your own blueprint of  ideas- moodboards are a great way to do this

Your home should support your current lifestyle. For instance I love the fact that my study doubles up as a playroom for the kids. It is our messy/creative space – seeing Lego masterpieces strewn all over the floor whilst I’m at my desk makes me smile.
Find a comfortable compromise while you work towards your ideal. For instance a quiet reading corner with shelves, a comfortable armchair and nice lighting might be a suitable compromise for a designated library room.

Make the most of what you’ve got – A reading corner works just as well as a full on library

Every home needs some degree of order. Things should have their place or serve their designated purpose within the home. For example the dining table should not be a dumping ground for unread mail – use an organizer instead.
 Create a sense of order – I love this discreet built in storage system within a wall

Accept that making a house a home will be an ever-evolving process. Bear in mind that things will change, and that’s okay.
Your home should be an environment that truly reflects you and allows you to thrive within it. Your home should be your ‘happy place’.