How to get the best out of your Gift Registry

Some top tips from our very own experts

Stop before you shop

Although you probably can’t wait to get started, stop and make a few clear-headed decisions before the fun begins. Think about what you want and which styles to go for. 

Consider entertaining

Having a gift list is a great opportunity to get a grown up dinner service, some decent kitchenware and some gorgeous accessories for your home. If this is what you plan to do, be sure to get consider all the bits that make up a nice table-setting, bar service, including accessories like napkin rings and candlesticks. For your kitchen, try to think of everything you’ll need to make your favourite meals.Think about whether you want separate pieces for everyday and occasional use. Think about breakfast sets, dinner sets and remember – when it comes to serving pieces like bowls, dishes and utensils, you can never have enough.

Think big!

Size matters! it’a better to have too much on your List than too little. if a list is too small, your guests – especially last minute shoppers will be disappointed with what’s left and go elsewhere. In which case you won’t be able to guarantee the suitability of their choices.As a rough guide we recommend having about two-thirds as many gifts as you have guests.

Don’t be shy

There is no guessing as to how much guests are willing to spend but rest assured there may be some big spenders like relatives or business partners. So don’t be shy about putting some expensive gifts on your List. You may be pleasantly surprised about peoples’ generosity.

Make your guests feel special

Guests naturally want to buy you something special – and some guests are determined to buy you something unique that will always make you think of them. So make sure your list has many special stand-alone gifts.

Dare to be different

Remember your List should say something about YOU! So it’s a great opportunity to include some quirky pieces that other people may find absurd.