How to Get ‘Dressed’


Ok, we simply can’t get enough of ‘Dressed’. 

Designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi, the designer applies decoration in secluded areas- a little discreet, and even on the reverse as the case with some pieces in the flatware in the range. It makes what is seemingly a baroque and hence ornate design, appear elegant and understated.

 Marcel Wanders who usually works on architectural and interior design projects recently turned his attention to consumer home products with this incredibly successful collaboration with Alessi.

 We love it because it feels like a complete collection- Cookware. Tableware. Trays. Flatware. Glassware. Storage Jars. Even Wristwatches! And  no, it isn’t overdone/overused. The intricate design lends itself to good use in all the various instances. We particularly love the fact that it is used on different material mediums – porcelain, stainless steel, glass and more recently wood in the Spring/Summer 2015 Pinocchio inspired collection.