Hosting your first Dinner Party as a Couple

Dinner Party

Place Setting featuring ‘Dressed and Mediterreano’ by Alessi, Candles and Candlesticks by Lene Bjerre Design and Stemware by Mario Cioni

Hosting your first dinner party is a major milestone as a newly married couple, it is also a terrific way to show off your new home, spend time with friends and meet new people. The key to a successful dinner party is planning. You can plan with these simple guidelines:-

Keep your guest list manageable: Stick to six to eight people, that’s a nice number for a dinner party. Not only is it less stressful to host a smaller group, but it’s more budget-friendly as well. Invite a mix of couples and single people and call each guest to officially invite them. Don’t email your invitations. It’s a lot nicer and more personal to call each person directly, and one or two weeks ahead of the time. Keep a list of alternates in case someone cancels.

Consider hosting on a weeknight or a Friday: While it’s tempting to choose a Saturday as you’ll have more time to shop, prepare, and clean your house, a weeknight dinner party (or even Friday) comes with lower expectations and therefore less pressure. Plus, you won’t eat up your entire weekend getting things ready. With some advance planning and outsourcing, a Wednesday or Thursday is totally manageable, plus it’ll be a fun break from your (and your guests’) weeknight routine.

Choose your menu: Setting up an elegant, appealing and mouth watering choice of buffet recipes can be a lot of work, but with the right choices, a little planning, and a touch of creativity, you can put together a buffet that your guests will rave over. Also keep in mind to ask if any of your guests have special dietary requirements and plan accordingly. Get two types of wine – one red and one white to complement your meal, along with other non- alcoholic beverages.

Set the scene

With the best looking party set up it is important ensure that ancillary/flow spaces are looked after too. Place some flowers or light some scented candles in the hallway. Keep the bathroom clean and smelling fresh.

Don’t forget to enjoy your night, after all, that’s what dinner parties are about: good times!!! Last but not least don’t forget to give your guests a warm goodbye and a thank you for attending!